Made to Make Coding Better: 5 Stunning Keyboards for Programming

Razer Huntsman Elite

The Huntsman Elite may be a keyboard for gamers, but if there's one thing that Razer is known for, it's the quality of their gaming peripherals. And while the bright and programmable RGB lighting may come across as showy, the fundamentals here are well suited to accommodate the needs of programmers. Razer has designed a new opto-mechanical switch for their mechanical keys, and while it might not have the reputation of the best in class Cherry MX mechanical, it's still a very good switch that feels great to the touch and more silent than most equivalent keys on the market. There's even an ergonomic wrist rest to help with the state of your health.

CORSAIR K63 Wireless

Corsair has made a keyboard that's a clear contender for best programming keyboard in its price range with the K63. Razer keyboards are still the best option around when you're looking for customizable lighting, but this model still offers an expansive choice of coloring options that offer nearly limitless combinations. That includes a USB passthrough port for a dedicated mouse or headset as well as the ability to store up to three different macro and lighting profiles directly onto the memory of this keyboard.

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

If you like the sound of a solidly built keyboard that eschews the showy extravagance of gaming keyboards like those made by Razer, you'll want to review the value of the USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2. This keyboard may not come from a big name manufacturer, but it deserves your attention right away. There's not a whole lot of special features here, but this is a keyboard that earns its value by offering some of the best and most fundamentally sound build designs on the market today. Blue, red, black and brown Cherry MX switches are all available, so you can get a version of this keyboard that matches your own typing preferences whatever they may be.

Cooler Master SGB-3040 Keyboard

If you're looking for the best keyboard on a budget, there's a strong argument to be made in favor of the SGB-3040-KKMF1-US. Cooler Master s has undercover been one of the most reliable mechanical keyboard manufacturers around, and this can suit your needs for under a hundred bucks whether you're looking for a mechanical key type Mac or Windows. It supports 26 key anti ghosting as well as on the fly controls. And while it may not offer the key by key lighting options you'd find in the best gaming keyboard, it does offer a respectable amount of flexibility with its six zones

Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2

A lot of the best programming keyboards are designed for the needs of gamers first and can be retrofitted to meet the unique demands of writing code, but the Happy Hacking keyboard was designed by programmers to meet their specific needs, and that makes it an undoubted contender for the best model. The electrostatic capacitive switch is designed to offer the best of mechanical and membrane keyboards by offering a satisfying sense of response while still minimizing sound more than a mechanical keyboard typically does. And it manages to squeeze all the functionality of a 101 key keyboard into a 60 key model. It may be simple in design and execution, but that's absolutely the point.