Coding Languages You Might Be Interested In


You must hear about java language, whether you are in the development field or not. This is the reason why java is the most popular programming language.


Ruby is an open-source dynamic programming language. Moreover, it is more focused on simplicity and productivity.


Another variation of C languages with some Java features in it. C# a multifunctional language that allows devs to create almost anything – from server apps to mobile games.

Books That Will Help to Improve Your Coding Skills

Don't Make Me Think

The thesis of Don't Make Me Think is right in the title: Users of your program should be able to get things done without even having to think.

Coders at Work

Developers frequently turn to other developers for feedback, advice, and nuggets of wisdom. If you're the kind of developer who likes to hear what others have to say, Coders at Work was written for you.

Code Complete 2

The second edition of Code Complete is considered a must-read in the software development world, not only for its lessons in different styles of development but also for its practical lessons in thinking differently.

Essential Coding Tips

Take breaks when debugging

In the meantime, the bug won’t be going anywhere, and you’ll at least restore some needed sanity to improve productivity.

Make Your Fundamentals Clear

A common mistake that a student or beginner commit while learning programming is skipping the fundamentals or chapter 1 and directly jumping to the next chapter right away. To understand the advanced concepts of programming you need to be very clear about the fundamentals of programming.

Learn By Doing, Practicing and Not Just Reading

A common mistake beginners do while learning programming is just reading a book or looking at the sample code on their desktop without practising it. It’s easy to read about the loops, variables and getting all the things in your head but actual programming doesn’t work in this way.

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